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Gospel? It means good news. As Christians, it’s all too easy to forget that. The Gospel Project is a Christ-centered, chronological Bible study curriculum for kids, students, and adults.

Christ-centered discipleship:  Follows a proven plan to nurture disciples from preschoolers to senior adults with Christ-centered Bible study resources.

Chronological Bible study: God’s gospel project unfolds from Genesis to Revelation, and our studies help participants of all ages study the Bible in an age-appropriate way.

Gospel story: From Genesis the Revelation, we celebrate the redemptive plan that unfolds throughout all Scripture.

Gospel culture: We believe the gospel ultimately draws us into community and helps us develop a culture that is saturated by grace and the gospel.

Gospel mission:  Good news is contagious, and The Gospel Project encourages people of all ages to live invitationally—at home and around the world.

NEW:  Adult Sunday school class beginning Sunday, August 22nd!!
Sacred Parenting: How Raising Children Shapes Our Souls:
Join us in Room 123 for a six-week video study with pastor and author Gary Thomas describing how God can use the difficulties, challenges, and joys of parenting to help us become more like Christ.
Facilitators: Terry & Sherrill Weeks