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Men’s Encounter!

Men’s Encounter!

Men's Encounter

March 28-30, 2019 | Lakeview Christian Camp, Webster Lake, KS

Are you ready to step up and be the husband, father, and man God has called you to be? Have you felt empty inside, like something was missing? Get ready for a weekend that has the potential to change your life!

Men all over Kansas are coming together in the name of Jesus for a time of worship, praise, and bonding together in the brotherhood of Christ. Come with a humble and open heart, ready to allow God to change you from the inside out.

2018 Advent Conspiracy Happening Now

Christmas Begins and Ends with Jesus; let us celebrate our King and bring Hope to a watching world.

NOCC 2018 Advent Conspiracy Project Overview

Blessing the foster care community and our partner, CarePortal

Twin-sized beds are the most requested item for foster children. We have the opportunity to provide bed kits for those children. Included will be a twin bed frame, mattress and pad, pillow, sheets, comforter, and a child’s Bible. Everything will be packaged in a duffle bag so that children will have a bag to transport their belongings.  Our goal is fifty bed kits

How can our family be involved?

Give dollars to provide materials.  A kit costs about $300. Assembly of kits will be on organized work days and constructed with love and prayer! 

Bless foster care workers with meals delivered periodically to foster care offices. There are approximately 30-60 workers.

Host a training event for foster care families. Foster families need educational hours each year to maintain their licensure which often means traveling to other cities to attend meetings. NOCC can plan and bless an event like this and the families attending.  More details to come…

Fund scholarships for families to take classes to become foster parents or respite foster caregivers. Our prayer is that through this project, families from our church will be moved to become foster care families.

Your check can be written to NOCC designated to “Advent Conspiracy.”

Our final offering will be taken on Christmas Eve.

What is Advent Conspiracy?

It is reclaiming Christmas because it’s all about Jesus.

Rampant consumerism has turned the remembrance of Jesus into a cult of materialism. Rather than get caught up in the conspicuous consumption that drives the Christmas season, North Oak Community Church strives to put Jesus first as we…

Prioritize Worship: Our hearts are formed by what we worship, so we focus our time, energy and resources on what really matters most, Jesus.

Minimize Spending: Instead of being driven by our culture of consumption we choose to spend prayerfully and sparingly to free up resources for things that really matter.

Maximize Giving: Jesus gave himself, so we give more by giving ourselves away, sacrificing our time, energy and resources for the sake of others.

Mobilize Love for All: We commit to funneling some of our resources away from overconsumption and toward those who might be considered the “least of these” in our community.


To accomplish these goals, people at North Oak Community Church choose to alter holiday traditions and spending so we can sacrificially pool resources that can be used to truly change and impact the lives of Foster Children and their Families.


The Story: This is it!

The Story: This is it!

Grow in your faith and learn great Bible stories.

The Story: Happening now at North Oak Community Church. Rediscover the Message and Purpose of God – The Bible as One Book, Telling One Story.

There are several parts to this church-wide initiative to learn God’s Word:

  • Pastor Ken will be preaching coinciding sermons on The Story (The Bible) during both Sunday morning worship services.
  • Sunday school classes for all age groups to supplement and enrich your understanding of the Bible happen at 9:50am on Sundays.
  • Age specific resources are available at the Faith@Home center to help you grow in your faith.

Join us on this journey to understand and apply God’s Word in our lives!


Men’s Encounter

Men’s Encounter

MEN’S ENCOUNTER March 28-30, 2019

A time for men to get away and encounter God, perhaps like never before; a time to consider, give thought to your lives and discover solutions to the unique challenges facing men. Over the weekend, you will look at 14 areas of your life to discover specifically how God want to use you. You will experience worship, testimonies, teaching and ministry times with over 100 other men. We anticipate this event to sell out. Sign up available in January 2019 at www.nwksencounter.com.

Praying for the Harvest

Praying for the Harvest

Praying for the Harvest

Join Pastor Dave for a time of prayer Sunday mornings at 7:30am in Room #119. We are praying that the Lord would bring a harvest of revival, salvations, healing, and spiritual growth.