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Get SHARP Devotional Journal

In November of 2014, Emily and I were invited to a prayer training conference in Fresno, California. Little did we know how it would change our lives and inspire us for ministry.

One tool we were introduced to was a prayer journal that we used for a couple of years put together by Fred & Esther Leonard. Through this, the Lord has laid on our hearts the importance of helping others hear from God, and to this end, we have put together our own devotional journal. The purpose of Get SHARP is to help you encounter Jesus in a life-changing way through the power of the Holy Spirit. All proceeds from the sale of this book go to further the ministry of our home church: North Oak Community Church.

We encourage you to commit to using this GET SHARP journal during your personal devotional time. You will get the most out of it when you use it consistently. Ideally, once a week you will carve out time to meet with one or two other people and do the GET SHARP Journal together for that day. This is a great tool for making disciples—the very mission on which Jesus has sent each of us.

We invite you to commit to this with us. Share it with one or two friends. Watch as fire descends to ignite your faith.

Believing God for great things,

Dave & Emily Buller

Available at the Faith@Home Center

If you miss a day, don’t be discouraged, just begin again the following day with the new readings.

You don’t have to make up missed readings.

God has something to say to you. Are you ready to listen?